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Tampines GYM
Wednesday, January 13, 201011:35:00 PM
Been to Tampines GYM after career talk today. And I would say its kinda disaster.
Firstly, I was greeted with signs of impoliteness by this uncle at the swimming complex counter, and another lady too at the gym counter when I said its my first time here. So can you please guide me on the procedures?
Like DAMN cant you be any polite! I'm paying a fee okay!
And when I was inside, I was kinda shocked to see the number of people there, hogging up all the machines, and felt that my 2.50 is kinda wasted. Bench-press confirm always theres someone there using it over and over again. No one dares to approach them, coz they are always so so BIG SIZE. the dumbells are also all over the place.. the guys there..muscles also imba. especially those who have been training there for quite some time, were irritatingly impatient! and like chasing you out of your seat when you just started doing your sets! FUCK DUP.

Never to go there again. will be back to SPGG or my good old JCC! having membership at such clubs really do have exclusive benefits (:
Wednesday, December 23, 200911:35:00 PM
A new post in a long long time! been really busy and stuff and here are some updates, starting with the regular self-shots!

And in the backgrd, my new place.

6:11:00 PM
It seems like i have got no mood to blog again..other than busy all the time.

No work this two days, yippie! but sadly im broke! what a time man ):

Going for a run, ciao.
Thursday, October 1, 200910:41:00 PM
Last tues & wednesday was down for MAD prep camp! which i did not regret going. it was uber fun even still without a night walk. I should say that this camp is better than those of Smart's. there are more game stations with crazy activities. Smart is just kinda restraint i guess. AND AND AND I just love my grpppp! the craziness while playing with water bombs, and the mad rush down the roads of Orchard. and food dragon! not to be forgotten (:

And lastly for his post is tmr will be the actual 3d2n camp! will be facilitating the year ones. hope they are fun and everyone just have fun for the next 3 days!!
Sunday, September 13, 200912:28:00 AM
Alright guys, finally blogger allows me to upload pics once again!
And this time I will be showing my picks of the day!

I was scrolling through ASOS online magazine and came to know this brand called Hackett and got really attracted to their featured duffel bag(below). Its plain and simple red&blue with a number '1' logo at the bottom which should be representing the numbers polo players often hold at the side of their polos. Just like those of Ralph Lauren's. Numbers usually ranging from 1 to 4. And going to the 2nd pic, theres the Hackett polo tee, very similar to that of Ralph Lauren's but having their own touch to it. And next which I like too is the no.4 leather key holder. I'm quite fond of its green and yellow combi.

Ok, thats all for tonight.
Friday, September 11, 20099:17:00 PM
it has been a week through the holidays, and everyday has been really bored too. Last week couldn't enjoy much as I had a sudden fever on saturday night. and continuous headaches for a few days. Nevertheless, i still kept to my initial plan and went for tennis on Monday night and gym yesterday at Jurong Country Club. Yeap, i'm a member there. The golf course is beautiful, there are many tennis courts and the gym has various machines to work out with, plus after all these activities, one can always bathe there and everything's provided which lightens my bag alot.

Have been accompanying caijing down town and self shopping and got myself two polos from G2000. Couldn't find any other better quality ones elsewhere except fred perry, tommy hilfiger and ralph lauren. But those are BIG brands uh, i'm expecting alot of bday celebrations this month, so gotta spend wisely. And cotton on's polo quality sux, it will expand upon washing. And nowadays i find that Uniqlo isn't that great anymore, though i still like their basic tees and undies. but I just noticed that their latest colorful windbreakers are a copy of nike's, just without nike's logo and the polo tees proportion isn't right, the small's too short and medium's a little wide at the waist. I wanted to get their khaki shorts, but they don't have my size. sadded. Right now i'm eyeing on the stripe shirts at Topman. and I luvvv the leather jackets selling at Zara! theres also a new cafe at Ion called Dr.Cafe claiming to serve the best coffee in the world, is a replicate of Starbucks, if you notice their pastry case, chairs and tables, decoration of the shop and their merchandises. And heard too that they have been poaching Starbucks staff. True or not, I do not exactly know. But was wondering can't they just find their own originality like The Coffee bean and The coffee club!?

After work just now, I went to look at the magazines available at supermarket and wanted to get the men's health magazine but its exp! 19 bucks man. gosh it has lots of info on toughening up inside. should get it soon. and the style men magazine is sold out countrywide i guess, can't find it anymore, my most remorseful thing for this month!

Last but not least, what should i do now? I'm really bored being stucked at home.
Friday, August 28, 200910:57:00 PM

Another 5 more days to the end of exams! but yes and no to looking forward to it. Had my afa exam and it didn't turn out well, am very worried that I will fail.. Had CF today, and made silly careless mistakes too. Carelessness has been inbuilt in me and I can't eliminate it.

It has been raining everyday too, almost about the same time when I'm awake at night studying. It feels like winter in S'pore and we are all wearing our hoodies or pullovers to the exam room. Colddd..

I'm feeling a clot in my head now, as I'm unwell, having flu, information from notes ain't going in..damn.

Its such a hustle to blog photos up on blogger nowadays. Where's the usuall blogger template? why is mine in such a weird looking format, blogger is crazy and my new E63 has only bluetooth function and web but my Laptop has only infared and no bluetooth. What a clash..its so troublesome to upload photos..